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Frequently asked questions

What are the entry requirements?

You do not need any formal qualifications to enter the course. Most participants are employed in a relevant occupation and have at least GCSEs or their equivalent.

Does the Course count towards CPD?

The Course does count towards your Continuing Professional Development for the ICSA. The ICSA currently require 20 CPD a year for their members and this course would meet a year’s requirement in full. Our alumni training sessions also count towards ICSA CPD, each of our alumni seminars will count as 1 CPD hour. Our course and alumni events may count towards other professional CPD requirements.

Am I eligible for any exemptions?

We are regularly asked about the possibility of missing part of the course or being exempt from parts of the exams because of prior professional qualifications or experience.

This short course qualification constitutes a good grounding for all aspects of employee share plans. It covers all key issues such as legal, accounting, tax and regulatory requirements and on the course we show how these issues relate to each other. We do, therefore, expect you to attend the full course and there are no exemptions available.

What happens if I cannot complete the course?

Attendees are required to register for both parts of the course on first application for registration. A refund will not be provided in the event that you do not complete the course

Who is responsible for quality assurance?

Tapestry is committed to delivering the highest of standards for both course delivery and quality of course material.

ICSA is responsible for quality assurance of the assessment, through moderation of the exam material and the marking.

What happens if I fail one of the two exams?

Should you fail one examination paper, you must re-sit the failed examination at the next available opportunity (usually the following year). Candidates are allowed two re-sit opportunities. If successful at these re-sits, the mark will be capped at 50% (so a ‘Pass’ grade is the highest possible result for any re-sit exam).

Further re-sit opportunities are at the discretion of the External Moderator who looks at each case on its merits and will take extenuating circumstances into account. In the case of an appeal, the decision of the ICSA External Moderator will be final.

There will be a small charge to re-sit an examination.

What happens if I have to miss a session/day?

That’s ok. We provide very detailed course notes and also provide catch-up/revision sessions before the start of the 2nd and 3rd day of each course. There is also a revision session a few weeks before the exam to provide course participants with the opportunity to go over things covered on the course. There is a requirement in the ICSA course handbook to attend 50% of the course to be able to sit the exams.

Can I do this course online?

This is a class-based course. We do have also a website on which the course materials are easily accessible for convenience and to support Alumni afterwards.

There are huge benefits to class-based learning. Our trainers are experts and deliver the course to maximise your learning and understanding.

Who are the presenters on the course?

All the presenters are experts in their field. Many are in the team at Tapestry Compliance, including Janet Cooper OBE, Bob Grayson and Anne Croft. We will also have leading experts present on design and accounting issues and will use case studies from alumni.

I am an alumnus of the earlier course, can I attend alumni events and seminars?

Yes, of course. We are delighted to welcome so many of the alumni back to our alumni events and seminars. We recognise the importance of keeping up to date with the latest developments and staying in touch with the friends you made on the course, and of providing the opportunity to make new ones in the industry. Apply here for your new logon. The alumni events are events that Tapestry puts on to help alumni stay in touch and up to date, very occasionally we may restrict access.

I have a place on the 2018 course when can I start attending alumni events?

Straight away… The alumni events are events that Tapestry puts on to help alumni stay in touch and up to date, very occasionally we may restrict access.

Who can I speak to if I have further questions?

Gabrielle Miranda

Gabby is the best person to speak to. She can be contacted on and on +44 (0)203 432 2556. She also deals with all registrations on the course and, when the course is full, maintains the waitlist.

Janet Cooper OBE

Alternatively contact: Janet Cooper OBE on
or call 0203 4322 556

Carla Walsham

Alternatively contact: Carla Walsham, Team Lead on Client and ICSA Training on or call 0203 4322 556