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Course overview

Carla Walsham
ICSA Course and training team lead

Who is the course aimed at?

The Certificate in Employee Share Plans course has been designed especially for:

  • company secretaries, assistant company secretaries and those supporting the company secretarial function;
  • administrators, both those within companies and those providing services externally;
  • human resource professionals, those working within companies in designing and communicating employee share plans;
  • benefit consultants who advise on employee and executive share plans.

The qualification

This is the only professional employee share plan qualification available in the UK. Participants can expect the course to be equivalent to the first year of a three-year undergraduate honours degree programme in the United Kingdom.

The ICSA Certificate is a qualification in its own right and is ideal for anyone interested in a short course related to their work. If you successfully complete the assessments you will be awarded the Certificate in Employee Share Plans and will be entitled to use the letters ‘Cert.ICSA’ after your name.

Course Structure

We have restructured how we deliver this course. To enable participants to fit this course into their busy lives we will deliver the new ICSA Certificate in 2 parts. The first part is delivered over 2½ days in the Spring, with an exam a few weeks later; the second part is also delivered over 2½ days in the Autumn, with an exam a few weeks later.

You do not have to take the exams; some people simply choose not to. The course is still hugely valuable in expanding your knowledge. The ICSA Certificate is, however, only awarded to those who successfully complete the exams. We can issue an attendance certificate for those not taking the exams.

Who delivers the Course?

The Course is delivered by the expert lawyers at Tapestry Compliance Limited and some additional expert guest presenters. The main presenters are Janet Cooper OBE, Bob Grayson, Hannah Needle, Chris Fallon, Lorna Parkin, Sarah Ferguson and Emma Parker who have 100 years employee share plan experience between them! The course is delivered by experts who advise on these issues professionally and provide practical insights on the issues.

Hannah Needle

Hannah Needle

• Global Plans
• Executive Share Plans

Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson

• Executive Share Plans
• UK Tax-Advantaged Plans

Chris Fallon

Chris Fallon

• Trusts
• UK Tax-Advantaged Plans
• Accounting and Disclosure

Sally Blanchflower

Emma Parker

• UK tax and legal
• Global Share Plans